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Caltrans Upends Highway 140

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Objective is to complete work before parade

With the Mariposa Butterfly Festival quickly approaching, Caltrans anticipates completing most of the construction in the downtown area before this weekend.

Due to the festival and parade, Highway 140 will be closed Saturday from Fifth Street to Highway 49 North while the parade makes its way through town.

Excavation of Highway 140 underway early Tuesday before festival. (Photo by Dominic Gonzales)

Traffic down 140 was impacted this Tuesday by Caltrans as it seeks to reach 90 percent completion of downtown construction before the weekend. As part of its ongoing work, Caltrans has new authentic, aged wrought-iron railings on route from Arizona and hope to be installed before the festival, replacing plywood boards that have been serving as placeholders.

This means that, with the railing finally installed, the handicap ramps by Fifth Street will now be fully finished and accessible. Also, of major importance to those who will be attending the Butterfly Festival and parade, are the newly paved crosswalks being installed downtown on 140.

The new crosswalks and curbs will serve to keep vehicle traffic moderated in the downtown area, protecting pedestrian crossings in the process. In terms of design, the crosswalks, curbs, and new concrete encompassed within will maintain a matching and coherent style to Mariposa’s existing downtown.

On each side of the crosswalk there will eventually be new light-up signs, denoting the pedestrian crossing. It is important to know that these new signs are not controlled stops, instead, they are there to just let drivers know that there are pedestrians that need to cross.

These signs will hopefully be installed before the festival, but nothing is certain on that front. In addition to the new signs there are new street. lights on the way that have already been purchased and will be installed soon. There are currently no plans to construct new sidewalks in the downtown area.

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