Contractors harassed while rushing to complete highway work before parade

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On Tuesday, as Caltrans contractors scurried to complete finish work on Highway 140 through the center of Mariposa, recent transplant Becky Barnes-Boers filmed the crews that were working up and down the highway ahead of this weekend’s Butterfly Festival parade.

Calls to reported that Barnes-Boers was taking photos, harassing the crews, and other residents. Barnes-Boers gained notoriety just a few months ago in an exclusive two-part report (part I and part II) of her Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lawsuit against the Mariposa Fairgrounds that almost eliminated bus transportation to the fair for some 8,000 attendees. The fairgrounds subsequently solved the issue for this fall’s Labor Day celebration.

Barnes-Boers has previously filed ADA complaints with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, which resulted in lawsuits against Caltrans. She also filed a complaint against the fairgrounds, and has threatened to file complaints against Mariposa County, the Mariposa County Unified School District, and others.

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  1. David Gerken says

    It’s all about Money, Dave G.

  2. Carla says

    They say a picture speaks 1,000 words. In this photo, I see a heavy set lady, with a scowl on her face leaning against a car, which I presume is hers in a handicap parking spot. We know where this photo is taken and that handicap spot she is enjoying while making the workers miserable is not available to someone that wants to go in one of those stores. If she is indeed handicap, she should have learned to work thru it like many others instead of placing herself on a cross and making everyone NOT HANDICAPPED miserable. This is a small community, with limited funds to attack all the things needed. Over the years, our community has tried to improve our ADA but some think they are the most important. I guess when she became HANDICAP she learned it was a good way to be a bully. Lady you need to use the help available to you and get rid of your anger over your situation and not spread misery. Misery does not need company!!!

    1. Deborah Trabucco says

      I just happen to have several cans of (discrete, but to the point!!!,) whip-ass, if need be. I so agree with you! And happen to support the productivity that is going on with our sidewalks and highways in our community. I’m glad it’s taking time to do it that way it’s being done right. Maybe she needs to slow down and enjoy the scenery. We love our little town and we know it needs improvement little by little it will happen. This woman doesn’t have a clue but these improvements are actually being made for her, the handicapped population ,who aren’t able to climb stairs to get to the lower part of town ,and it’s businesses. Local businesses in this town thrive on tourism, so therefore ,we are willing to go the extra step and spend the money that the town doesn’t have, to build these ramps alongside of the stairwells for people like her to be able to access our local businesses easily ,while they are on vacation . If you ask me, I think we need more parking infrastructures, so our out-of-town guests have a place to park their vehicle safely, while touring and spending their money in our quaint little town. Easy access easy money.

    2. Anonymous says

      Exactly!!! Shes a public nuisance at best.

  3. Diane Hernandez says

    Another person who cannot seem to get issues solved without resorting to lawsuits and harrassment. I feel sorry for people who don’t have anything better to do with their life.

  4. Lisa says

    It is obvious you have no ability to be a critical thinker. You absolutely believe this information without researching the facts. Wheelchair accessibility is important when having a tourist town and a large portion with disabilities. Why shouldn’t we provide “all” disabled citizens of Mariposa access to events? It is crucial to have van accessible handicap for all equally. Your town is blessed to have someone so genuinely concerned about all disabled equally. Shame on your town for having to be told to make space for your wheelchair disabled people! The comment s below are a great disappointment and show, again, that obviously one side of the story has been shared.

    1. Baxter Atcha says

      Why would disabled people (some in wheelchairs) move to a gold rush era town built on a steep hill and immediately start filing lawsuits against the county and state because people in 1890 built it on a hill? Hmm? You keep saying ‘your town’: you don’t live here. Have you ever been to Mariposa? Seen the access points yourself? Do you understand the terms ‘reasonable accommodation’ and ‘grandfather clause’?
      Are you ‘Becky’ using a fake name?

    2. Fitzer Valerie says

      I happen to know her and others she is harassing that are not connected to this story. The media was kind in thier portrayl of her and her character.

  5. Anna says

    She ought to be ashamed of herself. Shes making a killing off the disabled. Disgusting

  6. Janet says

    Some folks have never been seen again while in Yosemite. She should hike a lone trail.

  7. Logan William says

    Down in Los Angeles County there are Professional Disabled Scammers that go around and Sue businesses and make a good living in doing so .

    1. Stacy Potter says

      True. I dealt with some of them when I lived down there. Somebody needs to do a lexis/nexis legal search on this lady and publish her litigation history.

  8. Renee Chaty says

    Making friends wherever she goes!

  9. James John says

    Maybe she should transplant herself elsewhere if she has such a rough time her..

  10. Cloey Kristine Norg says

    Google her name. She has nothing better to do.

  11. Ophelia says

    Road hazard

    1. VASTBINDER Elaine says

      I think they are working as hard as they can, I think it going to look good

  12. Anonymous says

    Keep burning those bridges lady, you’ll get run out’ta Mariposa faster than you can say Lawsuit.

  13. Dayna Visscher says

    Instead of complaining, maybe she should lobby by beginning a proactive group of citizens, attending board meetings, approaching business owners cordially. Sounds as if she’s already burning bridges here and should relocate if unsatisfied.

  14. Carpenter Mark says

    Can you say superfluous litigation.