Darrah Bridge Construction Shifting Gears

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Construction on Darrah Road’s new bridge is moving forward with more major changes underway this week and next. Information for this report came from Matt Hespenheide, Mariposa County Public Works Department’s lead engineer on the multi-million-dollar project.

When construction began last summer, half of the old bridge on Darrah Road was demolished so that traffic could continue in a single-lane on the old bridge while the new half was built. While traffic will continue to be dealt with in the same manner for the foreseeable future, there will be a transition to the newly-built half of the bridge next week after paving is completed sometime this week and the new guardrail is installed shortly after, according to Hespenheide.

The new half of Darrah Bridge is nearing completion. (Photo from Matt Hespenheide)

Not much will change for those in the community that frequent Darrah Road, they will simply have fresh pavement under their wheels while they wait at the remote traffic signal and a new half of bridge to drive over once the signal turns green to let them through the single-lane. According to the county, approximately 2,000 vehicles travel Darrah Road daily.

Work will continue as the crew from American Paving Inc., contracted by the county, plan to demolish the remaining half of the bridge in the near future. Once the final demolition is completed, construction will begin to complete the bridge by the end of this calendar year.

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