Dinosaurs and Jurassic Creatures Roam Through Building B

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Jurassic Mariposa is a Feature of this Weekend’s Butterfly Festival

Lurking inside Building B at the Mariposa County Fairgrounds this weekend during the Mariposa Butterfly Festival are some nefarious creatures that haven’t been around for a few million or so years. 

Festival organizers are speaking of Dinosaurs. Yes dinosaurs!  Through the imagination of Michael Hall, vice president of the Mariposa Butterfly Festival, “They’re back!” 

Pictured is one of the creatures that will be on display at this weekend’s Mariposa Butterfly Festival in the Jurassic Mariposa exhibit at the Mariposa County Fairgrounds. (Submitted Photo)

A T-Rex, Velociraptor, and a dilophosaurus to name a few, are part of this fun exhibit.  And don’t forget the giant butterfly.  “I guess they grew bigger in those days.  In the background is the humongous Mammoth Mountain Volcano, not a skier’s mecca in those days, spewing its hot lava, fire and toxic ash into the atmosphere.  Not too good for the environment, but it sure looked mega spectacular with the different shades of orange in the summer sky.  Like a smoggy sunset in Los Angeles.  And don’t forget, the tropical resort town of Mariposa with its trademark hotel, and that courthouse that seem to have been around forever,” said Hall.

“I was thinking about what we could do to honor Earth Day Weekend,” said Hall, “and it came to me, ‘The dinosaurs are a part of earth’s history, even though they are extinct now. Why not pay homage to them and what they have given world, like fossil fuels, zip lock containers, Barbie Dolls, tires, golf balls, denture adhesive, and pollution.’”  

Michael Hall, vice president of the Mariposa Butterfly Festival, checks the status of a dinosaur egg at Jurassic Mariposa, which will be a feature of the festival this weekend at the Mariposa County Fairgrounds. (Submitted Photo)

Hall explained, “Um, that didn’t sound as good as I thought it would. Let’s just say, it is a lesson that the dinosaurs are extinct because the environment wasn’t conducive to life anymore.   Whether it was because of a meteor crashing into the earth, climate change, the dinosaurs weren’t good stewards of the land, or that Mammoth Mountain Volcano, we should take care of our planet or like the dinosaur, we too will become extinct.“

“Anyway, Dinosaurs are fun for everyone, especially kids between 3 and 5 years old. So that is really why we have Jurassic Mariposa.  And to make this even more fun, we have the ‘Dinosaur-Butterfly Roundup,’ where children can virtually ride on a dinosaur-butterfly all around the world with the miracle of video technology,” Hall added.

He is also working on other projects for the festival, including helping Dave and Terrie Rozelle raise butterflies for the festival guests to get to know, and also making souvenir shirts for the staff to wear.  Hall is one of the busy volunteers working to make the 2022 Mariposa Butterfly Festival a great experience for all the guests.

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  1. Frank Vigneri says

    …. in fact:
    they are still with us,
    and they all taste like chicken.