Hippsy Boutique, embraces individuality with a giving heart

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Gabriella Thatcher started her business at home making necklaces, rings, and feather hat clips in her spare time. She was selling her designs on Etsy and at a local friend’s business in town, the Brickwall Boutique.  As the demand and sales increased, it was becoming apparent to Thatcher that she needed a space of her own. On December 6, 2021 Hippsy Boutique found its home at 4996-A Seventh Street in downtown Mariposa.

“I started my store to set a good example for my daughter by showing her that women can accomplish their dreams with hard work and dedication. I also believe in women supporting women in our community and plan to bring events to Mariposa in the near future to accomplish this goal,” said Thatcher.

The Hippsy Boutique store has one-of-a-kind decorated animal skulls, hats, feather hat clips, handmade jewelry as well as children’s clothes. Karen Thatcher, Gabriella’s mother, makes girls dresses and upcycled kids’ denim jackets to sell at the store. Coming soon, more women’s and children’s clothing will be added to the inventory for spring and summer. 

Hippsy Boutique store front – Hippsy Boutique is located at 4996-A Seventh Street in downtown Mariposa. (Photo by Joanna Ransom)

Thatcher stated, “I have a passion for fashion and I wanted my store to compliment the Mariposa community and my traditional values.” When people visit the stores website and read the “about” section, they can learn more of her passion, drive and traditional values as she writes, “I don’t want to sell something that you just can wear. I want to inspire you.  I want to bring out the most artful side of you by showing a piece of yourself and giving back. I create every piece of unique, organic, and genuine accessory hoping to express the precious individuality you have.”

Thatcher “gives back” through her commitment to donate to non-profits that support her values. Customers, at the point-of-sale transaction, choose where 10 percent of the sale goes by selecting from one of the following four non-profits: Fight against Child Trafficking, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), International Medical Corps (IMC), and Clean Water access. 

Thatcher invites the community to stop by the store (open every day except Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.), visit its regular website as well as its Etsy shop and to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for information on new items. 

(Video slideshow produced by Joanna Ransom)

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  1. Diane says

    Awesome Gabriella. What an example u are to ur community too. Gotta get up there some day soon. Love Diane Holmes.