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Local Author Releases First Book in New Series

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Mariposa’s local young adult fantasy author, Vicki Thomas has announced the release of the first novel in her series, The Long Dark Cloak, with a new publisher.  MariposaToday had the opportunity of sitting down with her to discuss her path to creating the series of seven novels, The Relics Adventures, as well as her message to all aspiring authors.

Local Author Vicki Thomas (Submitted Photo)

Being an author hadn’t always been the main goal for Thomas, in fact she feels that writing actually chose her in a way. “The concept of being a writer didn’t really resonate with me [early on] because my whole life was filled up being an artist,” she explained. Having studied at The Minneapolis College of Art and Design and spending her junior year abroad in Amsterdam, Thomas fostered many important artistic skills that would eventually become incredibly useful in the creation of the fantastical world of her novels.

After spending many years in the field of fashion illustration, Thomas credited the release of the Harry Potter series as the catalyst for her ambitions to write her own fantasy series. As many others have been, Thomas became obsessed with Harry’s adventures in the wizarding world and felt a deep desire to create a story of that type that was her own.

“I got a sketch book. I’d be in bed; I’d prop it up on my knees and I started sketching my story. I sketched this boy who was trying to find himself and he was very young, and his brother had left after the war and he had never come back. And so, he was very lonely because his parents were also dead,” Thomas recalled.

Her artistic talents paid off as the boy she sketched would become the main character of her book, Ivan Kimble. She got to work writing and created a story around Ivan’s journey to find his brother and save an ancient magical tree. Getting her books into the hands of readers, however, was a much more difficult task than she expected. She went through the editing process over and over, a process she continues to this day on her next books, refining her work for the public eye.

Luckily, Thomas found a publisher in New York that will release her book with a style that will match the rest of the books to come. In the end, Thomas credits her success to her perseverance and ability to overcome any obstacle she has faced throughout her life, or as she put it, “Keep going and don’t stop writing.”

More information about Thomas and The Long Dark Cloak, including upcoming events she will be a part of, can be found on her website: https://www.vickithomasauthor.com/

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  1. EP Jones says

    Outstanding! Vicki is an incredible writer (and inspiring artist) with a story that appeals to both the young, and young at heart. Take the time for this adventurous read; you won’t be disappointed.

  2. Vicki Thomas says

    Hey, thanks Dominic for the wonderful article you wrote about me. I enjoyed our interview. Thanks, too, to Mariposa Today for publishing the information. Take care. Vicki Thomas, author, artist